Monday, December 29, 2008

Magnolia Garland: Part 2

Not bad for a first attempt at a garland. It hung over the chest about 1.5 feet on each side. Maybe next year I'll even make it long enough to actually drape over a mantle or doorway. I didn't want to add anything to it really & just let the size of the leaves speak for themselves. By Christmas the undersides started to turn a nice coppery brown.


Katie @ said...

Wow! I love, love, love your magnolia garland. My husband and I live mostly in Germany (just moved there), and we have no magnolias. They're one of my favorites, and I love what you've done with them. They really do look Christmas-like that way.

Innkeeper said...

Hi Katie,
Thank you! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Those leaves are gorgeous!