Monday, July 28, 2008

One Hand on the Doorknob

Imagine if you will, sitting in a small dark space with your sense of sound impaired, literally on the edge of your seat for fear that someone could come storming in at any given moment while your pants are down.

When we first moved in our issues with the powder room were many: It's quite small, but has an almost 10 foot ceiling. One electrical switch worked both the ceiling light and the fan that sounded like a small engine. The ceiling had been painted black to match the Asian-themed wall paper. The wood floor had been painted ivory with a sagey-green pattern. The ivory color on the floor just looked dingy. All of the wood trim including the door and the water closet above the toilet had been painted a deep Chinese red. The lock on the door was nonexistent.

The powder room is one of the many bathrooms that need renovation. To date we have stripped off the wallpaper, removed the faucet, brass fixtures, toilet/water closet & torn out the painted red moulding & trim. The red wooden door has also been painted white. The motor for the ceiling fan has been replaced with a much quieter one. The ceiling has been primed. We had our electrician place a junction box for a light fixture to be placed on the wall above the sink.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brocade Home Sale

(image from Brocade Home)

Last week I placed an order for a table from Restoration Hardware's sister company Brocade Home. As of this morning they still hadn't processed it. A few moments ago I received an email featuring their promotion of an additional 50% sale items. So I called customer service & the table should be arriving in the next week or two $175 less than expected! I like this table because of its classic Parsons-like proportion paired with unexpected turned legs.
If any one is interested in the sale, here is the promo code: SUMMER

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


"Built five years after the BA Hotel burned to the ground, the BA Inn served as the community's only public guest facility from 1894 to 1917. A large rambling frame structure built in two or three stages, the inn featured an octagonal tower with faceted domical roof at its southeast corner. The Georgian Revival wraparound veranda was probably added when the three-story western section was built in 1910.
Erected by A. F. Noel, the inn was originally known as the "BA Hotel Cottage." In 1910 Mrs. TMK bought the building, enlarged it, and re-opened it as the BA Inn. Billed in its first years as a "resort and sanitarium", the Inn catered to families seeking a quiet summer vactaion. Although the building contained a dining room frequented by local residents as well as guests, it did not provide the varied sports facilities or organized social functions of the earlier BA Hotel; entertainment consisted of croquet, picnics and boating parties by day, and card games, porch-sitting, and an occasional outdoor dance at night. A particularly attractive feature of the hotel was its easy commuting distance from the city; after 1892 a special railroad stop at the end of the street served patrons of the Inn.
Shortly after the Inn closed in 1917, the K family detached the front and rear sections of the building, moved them to new locations, and remodeled them into residences; the remaining central section was transformed into the K family's own dwelling."