Friday, September 12, 2008

Set the Table

Now that we have enough seating it's time to set the table.
We have these clean white dishes designed by Susan Pryke from IKEA:

We are currently using this mirror finish flat wear:

We also have a variety of mismatched glass tumblers, glass water goblets, acrylic goblets, & acrylic juice glasses.
So I'm considering these lovely Bodega glasses from Bormioli Rocco:

They are crafted from tempered glass and are 2.5 times more resistant than normal glassware. They are even microwavable! I'm anxious to see how long these will hold up in our household.

I can not resist a bargain so I have to throw these in as well:

I found these Stonehenge glasses from Libbey Glass, Inc. at only $29.95 for a set of 30 glasses. Although they are not tempered, they are classic enough for everyday use & pretty enough for a Sunday morning waffle brunch.

Which leads me to the largest waffle iron I've ever seen & now want:

So it's not necessarily the biggest size-wise, but it makes 6 at one time! I like the fact that the lid locks in place and the entire unit can be placed on its side for easy storage. This Cuisinart waffle iron makes me forget that I was even considering this beauty once upon a time.


MoModerne said...

Did I miss where you bought the flatware? I love it! I just found you. Thanks for the post!

Innkeeper said...

hello momoderne!
the flatware is from Studio William, but i actually purchased mine from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (using coupons, of course)

thank you for finding me! :)

Kerry said...

I have the same Ikea dishes and they look lovely (and function well most of the time) but they seem to enjoy having their edges chipped off with the slightest slip.

(Only bonus is they're cheap enough to replace when that happens!)

Innkeeper said...

and chip they do! and replace we have! ;)